Gastric Bypass, here we go!!!!!!!!

After 10 months of ‘hoop jumping’ with my insurance, I am 9 days away from my pre-op appt. for the most exciting exprerience (except for the birth of my children and my marriage to Paul) of my life. GASTRIC BYPASS! YAY!!!!!!!!!  I have fought my weight since I was 10 years old and after finding out my thyroid is shot (found out in 2004), I knew I would never lose the weight on my own. My ‘thermostat’ aka my thyroid only functions at 10%. Even with synthroid, it just does not ‘get the job done’. I consulted with the best bariatric surgeon in the area nearly a year ago but had to go through a ‘6 month waiting period’ to appease my insurance. Then I had to prove I had been overweight for at least 3 years. Give me a freakin break, I was nearly overweight as a zygote. So I went hunting through stacks of medical records (I refused to weigh a lot). Thank goodness I had my gallbladder out in ’02 and ‘had’ to weigh. And thank goodness for my yearly ‘female exam’ where I weighed  backwards. Then after getting approved I had to do a treadmill. It nearly killed me. Why do they think someone opting for gastric bypass can keep her heart rate at 150 for 2 mins is beyond me. But I DID IT. GO ME!!!!!!

Well as with about 30% it flagged a false positive so off to the cardiologist I went for oodles and oodles more test. Good thing is, going into this, my heart is in good condition. But now I am panicking over the bit of weignt I gained back (after a 26 lb weight loss) over the holidays, a predisone taper for my asthma (always slams 10 lbs right on; lets see, breathe or gain weight? Hmmmm…… rough choice), arthritis flair in the knees from power walking myself to near death and then tendinitis in my left foot after all the power walking from the weight gain from the holidays and the predisone taper from the horrible asthma flair. I am frightened   I don’t even know if all that makes sense. All I know is I have been STARVING myself and now my fibromyalgia is like to kill me from walking myself as I starve myself so I can impress my surgeon. Lets see, we have to lose weight to get a surgery to help us lose weight. Hoy vey. All I know is I KNOW this is the surest choice I have ever made and I cannot wait for my surgery. More to follow………

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  1. Sweetheart, I’ve known you nearly forever (let’s not go there!) and I know how you’ve struggled and how mean people were to you. I hope this works for you and that you can finally look at yourself in the mirror and be happy with what you see. I’m in your corner babe!!! N.

  2. Thanks Nickye! It was not so bad my Jr. and Sr year of HS when I weighed 150 lbs. Oh I cannot wait to weigh that again! And I thought I was fat! ROTFLMAO!!!!!! At 5 ft 8 in that is the perfect weight. I never wanted for a boyfriend, but still, I had a warped perception. Now, I am honestly doing this more for health than anything else. But looking good will be a very nice fringe benefit! Love ya sweetie! Thanks for sticking with me when no one else would! Through good and bad! 🙂

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