Surgery is a’ coming and faster than I thought!!!!!!!

I had my pre-op on January 25th at 8: 45 AM as scheduled. All went very well. My surgeon was impressed  with the fact that I was 15 lbs lighter than when he saw me 10 months ago. I had lost more, but as I explained in my first blog (knee injury *ladies, never try and help move a piano; unless it says Little Tykes on it*, foot injury from thrusting back into power walking with wild abandon after my water on the knee incident from moving the piano, severe asthma flair up = prednisone taper =10 lbs and then of course the holidays).  I was very very good on the holidays spluring only on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve and New Years. However on me if I so much as breathe in an extra calorie it comes at me like a stampede of angry elephants.

So, the surgery WAS going to be sceduled on Feb. 14th. What could be more romantic on Valentines Day, then sitting next to the love of your life after being ‘cutted and gutted’, high as a kite on morphine, tubes and monitors coming out of you and nurses coming to take readings every 2 mins (or it seems that way, anyway). I opted to take it. However, my surgeon, being the wonderful surgeon he is, promptly let me and his nurse know that he would be out of town that following weekend and did not feel comfortable doing such a big surgery and then being out of town. I was actually quite impressed.

The next day they gave me was the 26th of Feb, so I took it. I was hoping for a sooner date, but knowing how fast a month goes I was happy enough.

Yesterday, on Friday the 27th, I returned a message I had from another nurse in the office. The message simply stated she wanted to ‘ask me a question’. I simply thought it was something that got overlooked, etc at the pre op (easy enough). I was not prepared for what the question was, however.   She said they had a cancellation and asked if I wanted to take it and have my surgery sooner. The date: Feb 5th!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep! So in 9 days I will be having my laproscopic gastric bypass surgery. I was bouncing off the walls. I was not feeling well (I am now sworn off for life from the salad bar at work; enough said), but even not feeling well, I felt like I had hit the lottery.

So, I am now just over a week away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a little nervous. I think there would be something wrong with me if I weren’t. However, all in all, I am ecstatic. This starts a new chapter in my life and one I know will change everything for the better!

A pic from Christmas 2006 (this would be about my heaviest at this point; not all time; I have been 20+ heavier in 2002; but at Christmas I ate well and gained some weight):

 Since I was not much for pictures, this is the only ‘before’ pic I will share for now. I will share as I slide down though! kellbeforechristmas06.jpg