3 Days until surgery! And thanking the “One” that matters most!

Well, here I am. I left work today and set my ‘out of office’ e mail up. On Monday morning I will be on the table of a wonderful sugeon. I am elated, not quite thinking it is ‘real’ but most of all, I have to thank the “One” that matters…… God.  10 months ago I started out on this journey. This quest. It was like a thirst I could not quinch. Several people at work who were once overweight were suddenly ‘getting thin’ and more of my friends were getting the surgery. At first I did not think I could make the commitments it requires….. no more holiday ‘pig outs’, no more sugar (refined, not fruit), no more eating as much as I wanted, when I wanted. However something in me stirred and I prayed on it. God gave me the courage to go in for a consult. I knew after that, this surgery was what I needed to change my life and get healty. However, my insurance required that 6 month ‘weight loss attempt’. So I started. And I did well. I walked, ate healthy, splurged very rarely and took supplements from the health food store that was supposed to help my metabolism. After my 6 months I dropped 30 lbs from my first weigh in. It was a token gesture, however it did get me in the right mind frame for the changes I will have to make. Now, a more commited person you will not find. My catch phrase is “And that is OK” which is also my response when negative people say, “no more ice cream, cake, pigging out, etc etc”. That is OK!

I am a free-spirited woman. However, that does not mean I am not deeply devoted to God. Without Him and His blessings, none of this would be possible.

Oh, the places I shall go.