26 lbs even, the black suit, a hernia and a partridge in a pear tree! :-)

Well first things first. As of this morning I am down 26 lbs from my surgery dead even (to the ounce). That is 35 lbs from my first weigh in nearly a year ago when I had my consultation and 43 lbs from my known heaviest ever.

I find myself a little ‘disappointed’ although I was told 20-25 lbs is normal for the first month so I am on the high end of normal.

I need to start walking. I wish it would warm up. I am about ready to start doing laps in my basement. Ha! That is my #1 goal this week is to start walking. If it is too cold outside, I will find somewhere else… even if it is laps in the basement! 

I did have a super doooooooper moment yesterday!  I got into my black power suit I have not gotten into since 1999 (good thing it is one of those that does not go out of style!)  See pic:


I am very proud!

 On the ugh side, I am 99% sure I have a hernia 🙁  It is not a bad one, I don’t think. It does hurt though. So…..this means….. somewhere in the future, another surgery  🙁  On my Gastric Bypass board most people say their surgeons wait a year or nearly a year so all the ‘trauma’ you have experienced can heal. I am not afraid of another surgery especially if I am in the hands of Dr. Lucktong. I just hate the hospital and the hassle of it. Oh well, if that is my only hiccup I guess I don’t have anything to complain about.

New foods I can now tolerate: those little ready-made chicken salad packets that come with crackers (perfect for my lunch; just the right size), Low sugar and fat spagetti sauce. There is one I get that is 60 cals. I tried a protein bar yesterday and it stayed down fine, but I found it too ‘heavy’ so I am just going to drink my protein for now.

I tried a stuffed portebello mushroom (with ricotta cheese) recipe last night. You cover it with canelli beans, spagetti sauce and mozerella cheese. Paul loved it! We are having the left overs tonight! I ate (nearly) one last night. I tolerated it fine! Paul finished what I could not, but it was lovely and very healthy. I got the recipe from my GB support site.

The only thing I have had trouble with is peanut butter. The majority think it was too much too soon so I will wait a while and then try it again about 2 months out.

I return to work in a week.  I think I have everything under control! But alas, I am still nervous about leaving the security of my house!  God will take care of me! That I know!

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  1. You look even better in real life than in the photo! (You always look great and always have done.)

    And yes, those portobello mushrooms are good, very tasty indeed.

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