Breaking 30, back to work and spider bites!

Well, after hovering 4 oz short of losing 30 lbs, I RAISED my caloric intake and the scales moved! YAY! I am now down 30.8 lbs. I know it sounds crazy, but I was not getting ENOUGH calories. I did the math and realized that I was sometimes only getting 400-600 calories a day. That is not good for the metabolism. It goes into starvation mode and everything slows down.

I went back to work on March 12th. It was uneventful except I am SO FREAKIN TIRED EACH AND EVERY DAY. I feel like Harry Potter has taken a energy wand and is saying something like “Energy leava mosis”. Ugh. I hope sometime soon I will feel like there is more to life than work and sleep  🙁   Work came rushing back to me like a flood. I was worried I would ‘forget my job’. It is not the easiest job in the world; lots of things to remember…. especially codes. I am glad about that.

 The biggest YIKES! , tho is the spider bite I received last week. Paul and I fell asleep on the couch and woke up around 1 am. We got up to go to bed and there was this huge red thing on my neck. The next morning it blistered up into a water blister and I poked on it and it POPPED! We don’t know what kind of spider it was except it had to be poisonous on some level because the next few days I was so sick on my stomach. They put me  on HEAVY DUTY nausea drugs…. the kind they give really sick people.


Life is never dull, is it???????

 Here is my latest pic at the ‘hovering’ stage….. right at the 30 lb ish mark