Running into 50 lbs head on, pizza and a new hair cut!

I am 6 lbs shy of losing 50 lbs. Yep! 8 weeks and 5 days out I am 44 lbs down!!!!!!!!  Woooo Hooooo! I have lost 3 pant sizes and comfortably 1-2 shirt sizes (I have always been top heavy and always bought shirts that stretched). Now I can wear ‘cute little shirts’ in the smaller size. I am not limited.

I have 1/3 of my weight off. It is surreal and wonderful!

 And I can eat. No, I cannot eat like a truck driver but that is ok. I ate pizza WITH MY FAMILY, the other night. Yep, the cheap ‘hot and ready’ $5 pizza…. cheese, I ate a piece. A small piece; all  needed. I picked at the first piece eating it in small bites. I was worried about it being ‘doughy’. I was fine! So the next day I had a small piece for lunch and last night I had a small square of digiornio thin crust. FINE! Pizza is my favorite food and I am so blessed to be able to eat it again. I don’t care if it is ‘only’ one piece. One piece fills me up and it is all I need. I can ‘fit in’ and feel a part of every one else and enjoy my favorite food.

Other new foods since my last post: cantelope (one of my favorite foods), power crunch wafer bars (friend at work told me about these wonderful protein bars and gave me a few to sample), crunchy tostada/taco shells, broccoli , baked cheetos (bad I know, very limited when I have them), crackers that are lite such as wheat thin crisps, and toasted bread (I get Heiners 35 calorie bread).  

Along with that our friend and hairdresser Mel came to our home (I wuv you Mel!) and gave us hair cuts! Pauls the usual sexy buzz (I salivate over military cuts). But mine is an extreme makeover which a week out (yesterday) I was still getting compliments on. I will post pic when I post my 50 lb pic…. hopefully my next blog. If not my next blog, one after next. I hope to reach 50 lbs within 2 weeks!

I know many people say this is the easy way out but it is not. I still have to watch everything I eat, walk, drink my water, take my vitamins, drink protein shakes, etc. This surgery saved my life. I make no apologies! I am just thrilled to be back in life at full speed!