50! 50! 50! 50! Come & Gone But Mostly……..

OK, before I get to the “I have hit my official first mini goal of 50 lbs weight lost”, I have a few things I need to say.

First and foremost, as for me and my house, we are heartsick about the tragedy that occured just minutes from where we rest our heads down yonder at Virginia Tech. Words cannot convey the sadness, grief, anger and confusion at how such a thing can come to pass.

A dear friend of mine at work new one of the victims. Her daughter grew up with him. All I could do is tear up with her and offer my condolences and prayers, and I have been praying. However, I have also been trying to figure out, “Why?”. I think we all have. So with that, let me just all say, we are all Hokies and Virginia Tech, we support you!!!!!!!!


The next thing I would like to say is NONE of this I have done would be possible without The Lord. I look to Him for everything. He is my rock and shelter. I looked to Him for comfort when I went into this and he gave comfort to me. He is now seeing me through a relatively painless process of getting this weight off. I pray everyday for strength. I pray everyday in Thanksgiving and I pray everyday for continued success.

With His help, I made it. Somewhere at 11 1/2 weeks out. I don’t quite know when because when I weight I was 52.4 lbs down. Ha! So I never officially could say 50! However, that is quite ok! As of this morning I am 54.2 lbs down, just in the couple of days since I weighed! As Dorothy says in Oz, “My things happen so quickly around here”.

 Last night it was my pleasure to enjoy a bowl of SALAD. YES!  I had the bagged stuff that I love. The easy, throw together after a weary week. Lite ceaser. I had that, 1/2 a piece of grilled chicken and honeydew and catelope. Well, my nurse pract. said as soon as I can eat ‘salad and steak’ I can quit crushing my pills. Well, I don’t eat red meat so this girl is gonna FINALLY quit crushing. The truth is, as long as it has under 10 grms of sugar, is a ‘healthy food’, and is just normal, and if I don’t overfill my pouch which my hiccup (or as a Coleman would say, the yop reflex) tells me to STOP, POUCH IS FULL… I am so blessed! Anyway, I pretty much tolerate anything! Pizza, taco (1), fajita meat, peanut butter, eggs, salad, vegies, Chili, including Wendy’s, most fruits, toasted bread, etc etc. Paul and I cook together most nights now.   SO THIS GIRL IS GONNA QUIT CRUSHIN HER PILLS!

I feel pretty ‘normal’ again except that clothes fit one day and don’t the next. People at work literally don’t recognize me if they have not seen me in a while. That is ok tho! Ha! I am tired, but that is just the pace I keep. I need to slow down, I dozed off while eating my dinner the other night. Paul had to nudge me awake. No joke! I go go go go go go go go!!!!!! I want to read more, but can’t find the time. I want to write more, but can’t find the time and my BP climbs through the week but is down to like nothing on the weekends so something is up or down. Ha ha ha ! Sorry, bad joke.

 Anyway, I know I just posted a pic, but here is my official 50 lb pic and I have dropped a couple since this!  Can’t wait to get to goal!


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