This is for you, Dad


I was going to make my next post and post pics when I hit the 75 lb mark. That has come and gone and in a week or two, I will post my latest experiences and pictures.

 This one, however, is dedicated to my Dad: Gary Coleman; January 22, 1940-June 18, 2007.

Dad was only 67; taken from us too soon. He passed away unexpectedly.


The phone rang at 2 AM (my time zone; eastern) Tuesday June 19. Why do those calls always come at 2 AM?

 The next few days were a blur. I got the first flight out I could On Wed to go home to California. As his only child I was  physically responsibe for everyting. I had to make all the decisions. I also had to be strong for my Uncle (his brother) who not only lost his last surviving sibling but lost his best friend.

I signed on all the dotted lines and planned the service very carefully; going over what I wanted said, what passages I wanted read and what music I wanted. They weren’t sure if they could locate the song “To Where You Are” by Josh Grobin, but as the service concluded on Friday, that song (the one song I wanted so bad!) was played! I started crying so hard and looked at my cousin Susan and said “That is the song!” I then looked at my Uncle David who was sitting on the other side of me and said, “That is the song!”

 My Uncle David and cousin Susan had been by my side the whole time supporting me, too. We were all supporting each other. We all needed support and we were like this family chain that leaned on each other.

Uncle David, a confirmed and in  his time very popular 😉 bachelor, never married. So I am like a daughter to him. He could not treat me any better if I were his own and I love him like a second Dad. Like Dad, Uncle David would do anything for anyone. Underneath that joking exterior lies a heart of gold and, now, I fear, a heart that is breaking. I will be there for him, as best I can to pick up the pieces. My heart is breaking too.

I still feel like I am in a surreal nightmare that I am going to wake up from. I feel like I can just pick up the phone and he will be there!

Dad was the nicest person you could ever meet. He was slow to anger but quick to love and would do anyting for you.

As for me being only 4  1/2 mos post op. Well first of all, as soon as I got the news I became nauseated and still am. I have been taking phenorgran (stomach/ nausea pill) every 6 hours on the dot

Even though I wasn’t hungry, I knew I had to eat something so I subsisted mostly on bananas and peanut butter crackers. We went out a few times and I ate very little. I was going mostly on adrenaline and stress.

 There was a line from the show “Grey’s Anatomy” that springs to mind. When George O’Malley loses his Dad, Christina says to him, “There is this club called the dead Dad;s club. I am sorry you had to join that club today”.

 Dad, I dedicate my surgery to you. Because of my surgery I am not likely to get diabetes.

Dad was so afraid of me getting Gastric Bypass but relievd when it was over and I was doing so well.

 The world was a better place for having had Gary Coleman on it for 67 years. My heart is breaking but as a Christian who has Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, I know I will see my Dad again someday. Godspeed Dad, I love you.

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