75+ with a 100 in site and mending a broken heart…….

I broke 75 lbs sometime throughout the ordeal of flying back to California to tend to my Dad’s Memorial service and get things in order. I am down 76 lbs and a few ounces to be exact.

It was fine, but I would do anything to have my Dad back. 🙁  I have been nauseated since hearing the news that he passed away and now my two Doctors have me in tandem on two nausea meds at the same time. I think I need to be on a medication that heals broken hearts. I don’t think the FDA has approved anything for that. If anyone finds out about something like that, let me know.

 I do know that I told my family, small and extended as it is, that I dedicated all I have done to my Dad. It is in this journey that I should not see the type two diabetes that took his life. I should see my high cholesterol dwindle down and my BP is already at a very low number.

I did come back from California and got the worm cherry on my mud Sundae. I found out my PCP is leaving his work and going into a different kind of medicine. He is the best family doctor I have EVER had. He is caring, understanding, patient, kind, etc. He is the kind of doctors they portray on movies and TV that just really rarely exist anymore.  🙁  I am happy it is a better move for him personally but sad for those of us who are losing a fine and caring family doctor.

OK, so I am in the dog days of my weight loss. I ‘only’ have about 60 more to go. Yes, my HAIR IS TOO SHORT. But, I am getting lots of compliments. Seems I am the only one who does not like it.

I was sick of shedding it and by the time I am through the ‘shedding stage’ it will be starting to grow out nicely.

Other than having an upset tummy from the stress of losing Dad, I am doing well as far as tolerance. I am doing what I am supposed to do. Ok, I don’t walk enough. I just HAVE to FIND the time somewhere. And I need to drink more water. However I am commited to my new way of eating. I do get the munchies at work in the afternoon and try to stomp out the fire and eat fruit , etc but it is nothing that is out of control.

Today I took ONE sip of diet coke. It was HEAVEN on earth.  0-:-)

 Here is to making 100 lbs and then on to goal!!!!! 

And here are some pics



It was this pic taken of me and my dear dear Uncle at my Dad’s Memorial lunch that hit home for me: “I really had lost a good deal of weight”