Eating out & the good news is….. & the bad news is……

I have now eaten out several times. I was forced to eat out in Bakersfield when I was there for my Dad’s memorial. Now bear in mind for 2 AM June 19, 2007 until very recently, I was sick on my stomach. However this had nothing to do with my gastric bypass but had everything to do with a broken heart. I still ache to call my Daddy and say “Daddy, I love you so much”. I just hope on the breath of my prayers he hears me.

My church family, my good friends at work (some are like family to me), my own extended family, worrying about my Uncle’s well being and other friends and family near and far have kept me strong. Oh and my children. My older children (college age) wrote me beautiful e mails that I will cherish forever and my younger ones just came to be with me. We will talk about “PaPa” all the time.

In any event, my tummy is not quite so bad now.
So hubby and I decided to have our first official eat out date night last Saturday and went to eat at Abuelo’s mexican food. Mmmmmmmm. Their avacado enchilada’s are so good. I did like they suggest on the ¬†web site I visit and asked for a container right away and split the meal out. I still wasn’t able to eat 1/2 of it but my dutiful little Irish garbage disposal (my husband) took care of what I couldn’t. All tolerated just fine!

Then there was a food day at work yesterday. All tolerated just fine!

Now the good news. I can tolerate SUGAR. Oh NO! That is also the bad news! I don’t know how much and it is a long and involved story of how I found out, but I can. I would not push the envelope and try something like cheese cake. The thing I had yesterday was lowfat and low in sugar but still. The good news is, I can tolerate sugar the BAD news is I can tolerate sugar. I just knew I was doing to well with fruits.

My doctor is TOO good. Ugh.

Let’s hope the sugar demons don’t get me while I get this last 50-60 off.

I am buying Miss’s sized clothing at Wal Mart now and NOTHING taste as good as that feels!