“You’ve lost a whole Nicole Ritchie!”

That has become the catch phrase at work. It started in my department when one of my younger team-mates was asking about my weight loss. I am now at 85 1/2 lbs from surgery, 6 more lbs and I will…. yes, I really will….. be down 100 lbs from my consultation weight (which is where the doctor counts from)……. and I am now 101 lbs down from my heaviest weight ever. WOW!!!!!!!!! I am in disbelief!

The co-worker was talking about my weight loss and complimenting me. Now bear in mind ANYTIME I get a compliment whether it is the first time I have heard from that person or the 100th time that week, I always say “Thank you for the compliment”. All the glory goes to my Father in Heaven that gave me grace to have the surgery and sent me the most wonderful surgeon in the world. My tolerance is excellent and it amazes and even sometimes frightens me. However, I am not complaining.  I would much rather have the tolerance I do and still be dropping the weight than to have been sick the last 5 1/2 months and still be dropping the weight. I honestly don’t think I could have made it through my fathers death if I were one of the people that were sick all the time. See I became so heart sick that there are still somedays it still makes me sick on my stomach. I still cry everyday but it is very random. The other day I was laughing at something on the radio and 20 mins later was crying at a song that was being played.

Oh, how I miss my Dad. 1 promise I make; I am taking good care of my Uncle and making sure he stays around a long time. He is precious to me and if I have anything to say about it he will be here for many years to come.

 Well, back to the catch phrase; my colleague stated on several occasions, “You have lost a whole Nicole Ritchie!”. Then as I lost more it was “You have lost a whole pregnant Nicole Ritchie!”. Now what makes this so funny is a few days later I was collecting the very few clothes another friend of mine (and her Mom) had not bought from me and the little bit of mad money I made from them. She is in a different department but we used to be on the same team. She said exactly the same thing! She stated, “You have lost a whole Nicole Ritchie”. I blurted out in laughter and explained how that had become the catch phrase in the area around where I sit!

Again, all my Glory goes to God! He is truly amazing and Loving. I thank Him everyday for the gift he has given me with the tool of this surgery. NO REGRETS. NONE. I am about 50 lbs from goal. It seems like nothing now after all I have lost. I know the last 20 will be the hardest, but I am getting so close!

Pictures in 15 lbs more!

2 thoughts on ““You’ve lost a whole Nicole Ritchie!””

  1. That’s simply fantastic, Kelly! I’m sure you are so proud of yourself and I know that Paul is very proud of you. I love your blog updates & can’t wait to see the photos in 15 pounds!

  2. Thank you so much, Erin! Paul is very proud and excited because I am so excited. For the first time since age 10 I am getting the weight off, learning how to eat right and knowing I am going to keep it off. I am glad you enjoy the blogs; my hope is they may help others getting ready to or starting the journey of gastric bypass surgery.
    I know you are loving Costa Rica too! I would love to live someplace tropical like that, although at 100 on Wed and 101 on Thurs we felt pretty tropical here! Ha!
    Thanks again.

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