In The Race for 100!!!!!!

Even though I am in the dog days of losing with just under (yay, UNDER!) 50 lbs to go, the weight seems to be moving  steadily.

I nixed my rice cake habit even though I eat a small bite of candy at work here and there from my friends candy jar. I monitor it very carefully. I figure my boss, married to an airline pilot and looking like a model, can steal a bite of chocolate, so can I!!!! I figure, ‘eat like a skinny person would’. A skinny person would have one or two hersey’s kisses and the old Kelli would have had a handfull of candy then went to the vending machine for more. Not the new Kelli!

I am now at 89 lbs since surgery date and 97 lbs from my consultation weight! I am getting to 100! I am also closing in like a nighthawk on my 5 ft 4 in Irish husband. Mwhahahaha! I can honestly say, I don’t out weigh him by much now. Add the 4 or so inches (depends on who measures me whether I am 5 ft 8 or 5 ft 9 in.) and our BMI’s are IDENTICAL now. Actually since I have lost more, mine is probably a tad bit lower than his and he is NOT in any way, shape or form fat. Stocky, yes, fat, NO!

But why do I still see the size 26-28 girl when I am now a very comfortable 14-16?  That is what I see in the mirror. Why?  The clothing says different. I can even wear my husbands t shirts and even repossesed one from my youngest daughter that she never wore (Old Navy size large).  Why do I still see the big girl.

My nick name at work is ‘skinny’ (no, far from skinny but it is all relative). I still see the big girl. Hmmm????

So I am on my way. Aw and a new happiness for me…. we used to buy these Asian salad packages. They were lettuce with snow peas and a few dried cherries and won ton strips. With the sesame orange dressing 8 grams of sugar and 10 gr of fat (note on South Beach they prefer you use regular dressing and I am not getting much other fat during the day). I tolerated it fine, so we are back in business for our Asian Salads!  🙂  (Happy dance!)

Pictures in 12 lbs and counting!