Plateau’s and Numbers!

First the plateau. Yes, I am at a bad one. The cuplprit? My sprained anke. ūüôĀ I took a bad sprain to my left ankle several weeks ago. It was actually my foot that was hurting and swollen so I went to see the nurse practitioner. They sent the film to the radiologist because they thought they saw a fracture. YIKES! Turned out to be an old fracture from my car wreck in 1999 ( my legs and feet got all mangled in that, but we won’t think or talk about that ). I felt silly because I did not even know how I sprained it! She said this kind of sprain, the worse kind you can get, is common to get without knowing how you got it. They put a¬†‘lovely’ big splint on it and said¬†I could start walking again in a few weeks but had to take it slow, etc. So, the walking slowed down and so did the weight loss. I am at a standstill, but it will start moving again once I start walking, I am certain and plateau’s are very common anyway.

 The BIG, EXCITING news is my numbers from my endocrinologist! I am jazzed.

My cholesterol went from the 260’s to 196! SWEET! My triglyceryde’s went from the 500’s¬†¬†(yes, the 500’s) to 131. I am NO LONGER, yes, now I am saying this, NO LONGER insulin resistant with my endo stating I have “Excellent” sugar control with (read it and weep) a NON FASTING blood sugar of 100 and a A, C blood sugar of 5.3 which is < the 7.0 required.¬† ūüôā I¬†also have not had¬†any hypoglycemic episodes in months (a tale tale¬†sign of insulin resitance). That is another sign of its disappearance. ¬† Since my Dad died from Diabetes, I am so thrilled this. He also struggled for years and was even on medication for high cholesteral.

I think he would be proud. Oh how I wish he was here to know about these numbers.¬† ūüôĀ¬† He would be proud, I just know it!

The only number I question is my thyroid number. As a woman with Hashimoto’s disease, it is a never ending roller coaster for my poor thyroid. My¬†endo stated my dosage is now too high and I just don’t know. Hashi’s¬†makes the thyroids hypo and it is hard for me to believe he wants to lower my dosage. I have heard so much from other thyroid patients about how the bloodwork on thyroids are not accurate. It took an uptake test for them to even figure out I was hypo…. my bloods were all on the lower end¬†of normal! So, I am going to drive¬†30 miles to Lynchburg and get a second opinion from another endocrinologist¬†(a¬†colleage of mine, her daughter goes to this¬†lady). I do not like¬†woman doctors, but endocrinologist around here are hard to find and very slim pickins’. Plus my colleague really likes this lady. I¬†have no signs of being hyper and I cannot see starving my thyroid of needed hormone, making my goiter bigger and my hashi’s worse because of an over sensitive blood test that might have been thrown off¬†simply because of a 90+¬†weight loss.

Other than that…….. keep me in your prayers as¬†I make my race for¬†100. I am struggling with this hurt foot and need all the thoughts and prayers I can get! ¬†