I finally did it. After weeks of plateau’s and going a little up then a little down, I did it! I am 100 lbs down from my surgery date. That is 109 lbs down from consultation and 116 lbs down from my heaviest ever.

 There are a few reasons it took me so long.

1. No exercise. I sprained my ankle very badly several weeks ago and still struggle with pain and swelling from that. I do have a brace I can wear. Now that the weather is getting colder (I am freezing all the time and I have never been like this before), and the days shorter it is harder to find time to fit the walking in. STILL, that is NO excuse. I can clock out at work and walk the building if I need to. Where there is a will there is a way and I need to find it.

2. I am still very depressed over losing my Dad this past summer. I had no idea it would be *this* hard. However, it still has me very depressed and I miss him so much. It just makes everything more difficult.

3. My Hashimoto’s disease decided to swing again and the dosage on my meds had to be changed. Anyone with a thyroid condition knows it goes for the weight first. I will just leave that at that. No further explanation needed.

4. The biggest blame is on myself and my inability to stay out of the candy jar at work. There is no one to blame but me. I know better and though I feel blessed I can have some sugar there are other days I feel cursed and wish it just made me feel unwell. I don’t get it. I get some small pinwheel wraps from Wal Mart, eat only two of them, get an upset stomach…..yet I eat sugar and nothing. It makes no sense to me. This is when I pray to the Lord for strength and resistance. I have been getting better.

I eat well, I just have to watch my snacking. I get so anxious and uptight at work it really is a bad time for me.

So see……….this is not a magic cure all. You have to work the program for it to work for you too and I have learned it all too well.

The next few months are pivotal for me as I will be closing in on my one year and most people lose the majority of their weight in the first year. I think if I can just stay out of the candy jar and start walking I will be fine. My hashi’s seems stabilized right now.

It has been tough. But I did it…….it took a while, but I arrived.
I would like to lose another 35 lbs or so. I am a comfortable size 14 and in reality that is a dream come true for me. I was a size 26-28 when I started.

Here are the pics. My hair is really short now. Long story short: Hair was very dry on the end from the thyroid issue and the surgery after affects. I showed my wonderful hairdresser a pic and he cut it a bit shorter than I wanted. I did not really like it so he came back and layered it. I like it better layered but still think it is too short. I would love some comments because I am getting tons of compliments on it. Hmmmmmmmm………  I look like my mom too with the short hair. That is a good thing though, she is a beautiful woman. She also looks way younger than her years.
So here I am 100 lbs lighter from the 1st picture posted on my blog!