Out With The Old, In With The New!

Awwwwww, a new year. I love New Years. It always brings the hope of a fresh start.

 2007 was not a very good year for us. Well for the most part, it was not. The surgery was good, that I will attest. But everything else seemed to have the opposite of the midas touch. It has been one struggle after another and one loss after another. The death of my Dad cut so deep and hurt so badly. Work has been beyond any stress any one person should have to bear. I won’t go on, however, because I do not want to dwell or complain.

2008 will be better. I know it!

The loss of my weight, however, has been wonderful! Here I am one year since the last holiday season and 121 lbs lighter. That is like a whole small person. Yes, I have indulged this holiday season and gained a few lbs. However, that will easily come back off.

One struggle I did have up until a couple days before Christmas, however, that I would not wish on anyone is diverticulitis. It created stomach pain that had me doubled over. I never thought it would subside.  When I had it I was losing nearly a pound a day because I barely ate anything. I had no appetite. Finally after 2 rounds of Cipro and a lot or prayer, I feel good again. Praise God.

As for my surgery; would I do it again? YES, in a heartbeat! I have zero regrets about having the surgery. Sure there are foods I will never be able to eat again. I cannot eat the amounts others do. But that is OK! I am fine with that. The weight I have lost is worth it all!

I am about 25-30 lbs from goal. It is so weird. I have been trying to lose weight since age 10 and it will be strange to get to a point where I can stop. I don’t know how to ‘shut it off’. I have been so programmed into “I have to lose weight” that when I do make it to goal I feel like I will still be in that mind set.

Here are two pics; a before and after. One is me Christmas of 2006 and the 2nd is me of this Christmas just past 2007. There is 120+ lbs difference. Next pics will be when I get to goal.



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