The Quest To Maintain!

It has been a while since I hit goal so I thought I would check in and share on my never ending quest to maintain my weight. All is good! In fact it is better than good! I am now 15 lbs below goal! I am still losing weight! I now weigh 2 lbs less than I did when I graduated from high school =:-O !!!!!!! I really don’t know why this is. Believe me, I don’t starve myself! This is how a normal work day goes for me. I drink a protein shake and coffee in the morning at home. I take a banana and one of those pre-packed 100 calorie snacks (the Mr. Peanut butter crisps and Mr. Salty chocolate covered pretzels are my favorite) to have as a mid-morning snack at my desk at work. I also sip on water and diet coke all day. For lunch I have a weight watchers smart ones (I only really like two of them; I eat either the ravioli florentine or the fettucini with broccoli and both agree with me very well). I also have a baggie full of red seedless grapes. For dinner I have whatever we plan. We try to plan healthy dinners that have a variety of foods are are not overly fattening. Then for a treat I either have 2 slim a bears ice cream sandwiches (the 100 calorie ones) or two healthy choice fudgecicles (the 80 calorie ones) and that is it. Sometimes I will snack a bit here and there. Sometimes I will opt to take leftovers for lunch rather than the weight watchers smart ones.

On the weekends I pretty much eat the same way except I do allow myself to splurge at church life group or if our church small group meets, we go out for a meal (we don’t do that often; too expensive), or I just plain get the munchies.

So I am not starving myself but the weight still seems to want to be coming off! Believe me, I am NOT complaining!  🙂

I do really try to watch it, I will say. I will give myself that. I am super paranoid about gaining weight back. So maybe I am just really being careful and it is working.

Just to compare, I did save one of my biggest sizes of jeans. I will post the pics of me holding the jeans and actually getting into one leg of the jeans.

I will post in another month or two to let y’all know how it is going!  I will say this time and time again; having this surgery was the best decision I ever made in my life. I have zero regrets and would do it 10 times over again.

God Bless everyone!