2 Year Anniversary Appointment Moved Up!!!!!!

I ate a lot over the Christmas holiday. I did not deprive myself. I enjoyed every goody and each meal to the fullest. I figured I would put on a few pounds.

Now I had dropped to my all time lowest right before Christmas Eve. This is only 8 lbs more than I weighed when I was 12 years old (in 7th grade).  At this point this meant I dropped 12 (more) pounds in just the last 2 months alone. My family is actually getting worried. Some people are saying my face looks ‘too thin’ but I don’t see how that can be. Part of me welcomes this bonus weight loss! I mean what woman wouldn’t! However at 25 lbs below goal and with a very large bone structure I do have to wonder why I am still losing weight nearly 2 years post op. So at the insistence of my husband and youngest daughter (and now my mother-in-law in Ireland when my husband told her what was going on), I called my surgeon’s office. They moved the 2 year anniversary appointment up to the closest date they could get for me which is Jan 7th. They want to see as soon as possible.

So, after all the food I ate I wake up this morning to find I am back down to that ‘lowest’ weight again. The one I was at a few days before Christmas Eve. I had went up 2 lbs and now am back. down. I don’t know how that can be with all I ate over the holiday, but it was right there. Last night I even made myself very sick to my tummy after eating 2 cookies. This is absolutely crazy……. I have been eating cookies for 3 days. I go and eat 2 small cookies and get really sick to my stomach after days of eating these cookies (frosted sugar cookies my daughter and I had made). What was with that? While sugar can make a gastric bypass patient sick, I never figured I would be fine with something one day and then it totally make me unable even to eat my dinner the next day. This is a funny little roller coaster ride as a gastric bypass patient. However, yes, I would do it again a million times over. I will post again after my doctor’s appointment. I have no idea what they will say.

A blessed New Years to all.

*PS If you are reading this and did not see my last post I made just a few days ago with my most recent pictures, scroll down!  🙂