I Have Arrived!

My 2 year anniversary to my gastric bypass surgary is quickly approaching! On February 5, 2009 it will be 2 years ago exactly that I ‘went under the knife’ and had my insides cut and rewired. It is and I maintain always will be one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

At the insistence of my family I called my surgeon’s office and they moved my 2 year appointment up by a month because I kept losing weignt.

Besides all the blood test they have you do (to check your vitamins, etc) that is required to monitor you after weight loss surgery, I had also recently went for my check up to see my endocrinoligist who treats me for my hashimoto’s disease (thyroid). He too ran a whole panel of blood work.

Praise the Lord that all the blood work from both doctors came back great! My vitamins look good (and I must confess I forget to take them a lot of the time; something I intend to correct), my cholesteral, blood sugar, liver function, kidney funtions, and everything else they tested me is super. My blood pressure is great and of course there is my weight. It is….. well….. as told by 4 different doctors and 2 nurse practitionsers ‘great’ and ‘perfect’.

My nurse practitioner at my surgeons office said my BMI…. 21.9…. is right smack dab in normal range. I have lost 162-165  lbs, my nurse practitioner stated I lost 93% of my body fat! Yes that is right! 93% of my body fat! I even called the next day to make sure that was the right percentage because it just sounded like too much.

 Now about 7 lbs of it is probably skin but still, it is a great weight, however, as she said I do not need to lose absolutely anymore weight. In fact she said I could probably stand to gain 5 or so pounds. The high end of what a healthy weight would be for me would be 12 to 15 lbs higher that what I am now (depending on what I weigh). As with anyone, my weight fluctuates within a 5 lbs. So depending on what it is, I could gain as much as 12-15  or so lbs.  I don’t want to though! I want to stay right where I am!

She actually wants me to add an afternoon snack to my daily food intake. She suggested maybe a fruit and slice of cheese or fruit and peanut butter.  I will see how it goes. For now I will do what I can to keep it level and remember to take my vitamins! I also need to start walking more.

So I guess I have arrived. I have found my weight. I am 5 ft 8 in tall, 40 something and weigh 10- 12 lbs less than I did when I graduated from high school! I will take it!

My main objective of having this blog, however, is to encourage those out there who might be contemplating weight loss surgery as an option.  Gastric Bypass is a BIG surgery. It is a BIG deal. And it it a BIG decision. I have seen and heard several horror stories locally from this one surgeon who I thank God I did not choose! Everyone I know who had him is either still heavy or has had nothing by problems. On the other hand everyone I know who had my surgeon is doing well. Sure, there are a few bumps in the road but overall  things have gone great.

If I can even help or encourage one person then that makes it worthwhile.

So now it is the maintaining game.  With God’s help, I know I can do it!

Here are a few more pics. My husband is really into photography so he  took a few pics of me. Lucky for him I did not break his camera!




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