Jazzing it up!

As I type this, I am sipping on my protein shake…. the same kind I have each morning and have been drinking for two years…. and sip my much needed coffee. I had to go to a somewhat emergency visit to my nurse practitioner yesterday for extreme problems with my asthma this week (EVERYTHING is blooming and I have more stress in my life than I care to even think about… lets just say when I started telling her all that was going on she was shocked!). I know everyone has stress. I have My Lord and Savior and that is all I need. But in any event, the two things with the blooming trees being the main culprit have sent my asthma into a real tailspin. When I weighed there; afternoon weigh in; heavy sweater and jeans, I was 1 lb BELOW my sweet spot! :-O This morning on my scale I am right at my sweet spot. I am at the weight I feel good at. Yes, it is lower than my husband, youngest daughter and even my doctors think I need to be at. However, it is where I feel good. I feel as long as I do not creep down anymore or start ‘thinking’ maybe I need to get lower, then it should be alright.
It has been a real struggle though. Old food demons come back and try to haunt me. Lucky for me, I usually end up getting sick to my stomach! I will creep up a few lbs on the scale and when I get on there and can hear the theme music from “Psycho” ringing in my head, I know it is time to stop raiding my daughters Fruit Loops; stop hitting the vending machine at work and stop baking cakes for my daughter and her boyfriend and my husband and then find myself eating a nice size piece. Note* the first time I did this, I made homemade frosting and found myself dumping at 3 am. All was *not* right with the world.
So, life trying to maintain the sweetspot is not a bowl of cherries. Life after weight loss surgery is a daily struggle. Do not get me wrong; weight loss surgery is worth it in my opinion! However,  it is finding a system that works (which I have) and working it. It is knowing which little treats you can get away with here and there and allowing them.
So what now? Well, I have decided to take this blog and JAZZ it up a bit! I am going to start doing some new and fun things! I have some neat ideas brewing! The first thing I am going to do is an idea I got from my oldest daughters blog and with her permission I am going to use her idea! So look for some NEW, FUN, JAZZY, and INFORMATIONAL things to come! God Bless!