How do I turn this thing off?????

I am still sliding down the scale. I am 4 lbs below my sweet spot but honestly do not  want to be.  My BMI is 21.3 which is not too dangerously low, but still….. I have been told numerous times by different health care professionals as well as family and friends: I do not need to lose anymore weight! My wonderful Uncle David, who is like a 2nd father to me, gave me an earful on the phone the other night (in a loving way). He went on and on about how I have lost “too much weight” and how I need to gain 15-20 but believe me, I am not trying! Believe me, I am eating! Really! Now I will say the last few days I have had a miserable head cold and the last few weeks my asthma has wreaked havoc on me. In all fairness these things can and will make you lose your appetite.  I have also been stressed to the max due to work and personal issues. That does not help a bit. But what do you do? I give it to God but I am still working on the letting go part. I guess you could say I am a work in progress where stress and worry are involved.

Paul has a theory. When one loses weight there are two ways to approach it. Calorie control is one way and portion control is another. Well portion control pretty much takes care of itself for me. That was a done deal 2 years ago. However what about calorie control? Well, I do still eat weight watcher and healthy choice type meals for lunch. I have a protein shake and fresh fruits and fiber bars to get through my mornings. Though I am terrible about exercising, I do eat healthy low cal/low fat/high fiber and fresh foods. When I am full I push the plate away. So maybe I am just flat out not getting enough calories.

On top of everything else I do plan on starting an exercise program very soon. I am doing it for my overall health. The thing is once I do that that may cause me to lose more weight.

My nurse practitioner suggested I start adding a substantial snack in the afternoon. Some things she suggested were peanut butter on apples or a banana or the wonderful almond butter my oldest daughter had led us to. You would find it at your  local health food grocers. I guess I better heed her advice.


 ******** My 1st jazzy post coming soon!!!!!!!!!!*****