101 Goals in 1001 Days!

101 Goals in 1001 Days!!!!!!!! Ok, here it is! As mentioned in earlier posts, I am jazzing up the blog and branching out from just being about gastric bypass. While many of my goals pertain to my weight loss and keeping my weight off and staying healthy, many of my goals are things I simply just want to achieve.
I got this idea from my oldest daughters blog, and with her permission am using the idea. I think it ia a terrific idea so thought I would share!!!!!!
So here it is 101 goals to achieve by 2-4-2012!!!!!!


* Keep the weight I lost from my RNY off; keep it at the sweet spot. Contrary to popular belief , it is not the ‘easy way out’.  I had to find a program that works for me and work it!

The surgeon gave me the tool and I did the work. I still have to watch everything I put in my mouth and will have to for the rest of my life.

*Continue starting each day with an Amplify protein shake which gives me a good punch of protein I need.

*Eat healthy and only splurge once in a great while. Eat grilled meats, veggies, legumes, whole grains, high fiber, etc. This is not just about weight; this is about health.

*Try one new food from the health food  store at least 3 times.
*Start walking at least four times a week, regularly.
*Take my vitamins faithfully and not slack like I do so much of the time.
* Drink more water and less diet cokes.
* Get a treadmill and use it.

*Try to keep my stress levels down. I am so stressed out all the time about work and some other personal things it is not good for my health or my asthma.

*To quit being such a worrier. I worry about everything and it is not good for me.

*Get a 2nd opinion on my Hashimoto’s disease (enlarged/underactive thyroid). I don’t think my endocrinologist has my synthroid at a high enough level.

*Eat vegetarian for one week.

*Start cooking more with legumes and find some creative ways of serving them. They are cheap and healthy.

*Get my feet in shape! That means loofaing the rough patches on the heals and applying lotion on a regular basis; everyday if possible!


*Faithfully floss my teeth once a day (dentist told me you only need to floss every 24 hours) and brush my teeth so I can avoid another abscess. After I get this next crown put on, get a full check up and cleaning and go faithfully every 6 months.


* Surprise my husband as much as I can with little gifts, love letters, cards, etc just to let him know how much I love him. He is so good to me and does so much to try and fix my mangled self-esteem. I just love him so much.
* Spend more time with my daughters. Everyone is so busy running here and there. I want to start making time to spend together on a regular basis.
* Write my daughters 1 letter, note, or card once a month for at least a year straight just to let them know how much I love them.
* Call my Uncle David more often.
* Send my Uncle David homemade goodies throughout the year ‘just because’.

*Take my husband on at least two romantic picnics somewhere in this beautiful area we live. I will make all the food, plan where to go and even drive! He does so much for me, I want to do something for him!

*Try to get all my girls (and my son-in-law) and my girls boyfriends together and go on a picnic on the parkway. Again, I will supply all the food. We will have to meet up but I will supply the goodies. Fun should be had by all!

*Take my daughter Hollie out for a meal

*Take my daughter Sarah out for a meal

*Take my daughter Melissa out for a meal

*Take my daughter Taylor out for a meal
* I have a beautiful ‘new’ nephew in N. Ireland named Sam. I want to start writing him ‘notes of love’ so he can get to know his American Auntie Kelli. I will strive to do this at least every three months.
* Turn my N. Irish nephew Sam into the only N. Irish all “Va Tech Hokie boy” in N. Ireland. This includes sending him Va Tech clothing, toys, etc for b-days and holidays so he can become a true Hokie and know the true way of the Hokie. 🙂

*Surprise my counselor (who is more than a counselor; she is a friend) with baked goodies, etc from time to time. She does so much for me and it will take years for this to heal this fractured self esteem that was 38 years in the making.

*Say at least one nice thing to my family, friends, co-workers, church-family, etc everyday.

*Go to my brother-in-law and future sister-in-law’s wedding in Northern Ireland in the summer of 2010.

*E mail my friend Veronda more faithfully.

*Surprise each of my daughters from time to time with a small gift, etc just at random so they know I am just ‘thinking of them’.

*E mail my mother in law more often.

*Have my daughter Hollie, son-in-law Johnny and daughter Sarah over for dinner at least 3-4 times a year if not more

*Start doing some lite hiking off the Blue Ridge Parkway with Paul. We both love the scenery and the walking will do us good. Hey, I think we will take Brody our Beagle. He would love it!

*IMPORTANT! Realize I am doing all I can to live a good life. I am not perfect. I make mistakes and if others expect me to be perfect, they need to take a look at their faults. So this goal is to stress and worry less about what other people think, put those worries in the hands of my Lord and Savior, pray and know I am doing all I can to be the best I can. The stress of worrying and being upset for ’not being perfect’ is creating health issues and I don’t deserve that.

*Host small group in our Sunday School Class at least once or twice a year. We are so close to this bunch of people; they are ’family’. I enjoyed hosting for the first time a few months ago and YES, everyone fit in our wee house! J

*Continue with our ’dinner for 8’ group we have at church and keep meeting up with this great new bunch of people. I love the fellowship and wonderful people that belong to our church. God has led us to a church where we do not feel judged; we can be ourselves. He has led us to a place where we are enriched and cared for and His word above all is taught to us by great pastors and fellow Christians.

*Attempt to find a traveling Broadway show; “Les Miserables” within a few hours of here and take my daughter Taylor to see the play. It is my absolute favorite play; so powerful and so many lessons of love, forgiveness and resolve. She would love it. In the next year or so I will start looking around and if I find a show within a 2 or so hour drive I will get the tickets. If not in this time frame, even after the goal date passes, I will keeo looking until I find it!


New Experiences

*Get a massage. I have a coupon for a free spa treatment. I am calling soon and opting for a massage. Awwwwwwww……. J

*Do one random act of kindness at least 5 times a week for at least a month but longer if possible!

*Take my husband to my hometown of Bakersfield, Ca! Though Bakersfield is not new to me, showing my husband the city I grew up and spent the first 32 years of my life in will be an exciting new experience for me! J

*Watch a James Bond movie from start to finish. I have never seen one all the way through.

* Go on more ’day’ trips with Paul so we can enjoy some of the sites and experiences around us.

*Start researching my family tree by doing online genealogy.

*Visit at least two winery’s and do the tour and tasting too!

*Try one new recipe a month



*I know I am not a spring chicken, but I do have a lot of college units that I have completed. I would like to go back to school and finish my degree. I hope I can do that in this time frame if money and time permit. If not hopefully in the next 5 years. So lets say this goal is to start back to school.

*Learn one new thing everyday.

*I put read A LOT more in the ‘for me’ category. However, I want to also read more than just for pleasure. I want to read more educational/self improvement books.

*Visit the new art museum in Roanoke.

*Pick one random subject per month and research it online just to learn something new. It can be on anything from an illness to current events to a person making news, etc.

*E mail 2 local TV stations regarding a great pet peeve of mine that I think would make a very good news story. It is worth noting I did get a letter to the editor published on this same subject.



*Work on my writing project diligently.

*Carry a notebook with me to write down ideas and experiences and ideas for my writing project.

*Start scrap-booking. I have a bunch of scrap-booking items; I want to put them to use.

*Finish several cross stitches I have started.

*Work to make my weight loss surgery blog not just about weight loss surgery but about weight loss and health in general. Not everyone chooses weight loss surgery. I was given a tool. What I do after that is what everyone else who makes a lifestyle change does. So maybe I can help others who are opting to lose weight without having surgery or the band.

*A long with the one big writing project I have going, work on some other writing projects on the side such as poetry, my personal journal, etc.

*Start dabbling back into photography.



*Organize my photo’s for scrap booking , framing and just plain knowing where which photo’s are where.

*Organize my two ‘closets of doom’ and have Paul put shelves in the one so we can organize our huge collection of books.

*Go through/clean all the stuff in the basement

*Organize my kitchen better and put shelf liner in the cupboards that need shelf liner.

*Continue to work on and stick to our budget. Paul is doing an awesome job of keeping track of everything on the computer. Even though we struggle like everyone, this new system at least allows us to know just where we stand!

*Work hard on becoming more and more of a bargain grocery shopper.

*Get another car

*Get the siding on our house repaired.

*Get the windows on our house repaired.

*When I go through the closets of doom and the basement, have a yard sale.

*Manage my time better to be more productive

*Become more organized in my ‘big-cleaning’ (which Paul is great about helping with) so we don’t get stuck doing it on the weekend’s all the time.

*Go through and organize (and delete doubles, duds and unwanted ) photo’s on my computer, I.E. clean them up.

*Go through and organize and (delete unwanted) music on my computer, I.E clean up the 1,000’s of songs I have but only a fraction I ever listen to.

*Make a chore list each week so we don’t get so bogged down

*Organize my filing cabinet. This really needs attention; it is a scary place to go.


For Me

*Work each day to be a better Christian.

*Start reading my Bible on a regular basis

*Besides reading my Bible, become well versed on scriptures

*Read A LOT more.

*Play my piano A LOT more. Allow myself 15-30 minutes a day at least 5 times a week no matter how busy I am.

*Listen to more CD’s

*Watch more DVD’s

*When we are financially able, I would like to take some piano lessons for a few months just as a refresher.

*Spend at least 10 sunny Saturday and/ or Sunday afternoon’s just sitting and reading or relaxing and enjoying the sunny day out on my deck or in my yard for a few hours.

*Go to another Godsmack concert

*Go to another Shinedown concert (I wonder if I will get to meet the band again?)

*Ride on my husband’s boss’s jet ski again! That was amazing fun!

*When money gets a bit better, buy something frivolous and saucy at Victoria’s Secret because I can now shop there and just want to, for once, get something from there.

*Go to Busch Gardens in October for Hallowscream

*Get back to the tanning salon on a regular basis (in the spring and summer months)

*Try department store make up’s at least once.

*If at all possible, have my plastic surgery done to remove my skin on my tummy and arms. I am not sure I can achieve this goal, however, in this time frame due to finances. If not, however, at least consult with a plastic surgeon and see what is involved and the costs, etc.

*Keeping my toenails painted

*Trying to let my fingernails grow and put some clear polish on then that will strengthen

*Keep letting my hair grow out long. For once in my life I want long hair!

*Get at least one new and different hair style (as long as it is a long hairstyle).

*Buy myself at least 2 new handbags.

*Add to collection of Contemporary Christian CD’s and build up a really nice collection so I can listen and sing God’s praises all the time!

*Purely for ME; and a big no-no, but once and only once in this time frame; order 1 pound of Sees Bordeaux candy and enjoy every last bite. When it is gone, get back on my normal healthy eating!

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