My Week Without Paul and Goals

BMI today 21.3

Well, it is Saturday and Paul will be home tomorrow night!  Yay!  So, how did my week without Paul go; my first week apart since he came over from Ireland?  It has been a trying one, that is for sure!

The first weekend went pretty good. I had a ‘mother-daughter’ Saturday with my youngest daughter. Money was a bit tight, so we decided an inexspensive lunch with this really great discount store in the area to see what they might have followed by our favorite thrift store (Goodwill; that place saved my bacon when I was losing the weight) would be a fun Saturday.

We went to lunch and  both ordered the same thing; taco salad, no tomato’s. I ate maybe 1/3 rd of mine, but what I did eat was muy bueno! I had to finally breakdown and ask my daughter if it was my imagination or was our waiter flirting with both of us! She said she wanted to say something but was embarassed but YES, he was! Oh my! That was funny! Speaking Spanish to us and flirting with a mother and daughter. It made for a good laugh!

So we went and did some very lite shopping and went home and had her boyfriend over for dinner. Oh, the one hitch was my drivers side window (power) in my car, which I loathe, decided not to roll down. I thought, “Paul has not even landed in San Jose yet, and something has broke on the car”. Later that afternoon, it decided to start working again and Praise God has been working ever since.

The next day Taylor and I went to Sunday School at my church as it was the last Sunday School for my class (long sad story about changes coming at my church) and them came home and had my older 2 daughters and son in law over for lunch. The girls presented me with a beautiful boquet of flowers and lunch was very enjoyable tho everyone, myself included. got stuffed. I think next time I have the girls over we will play some  “Scene It” or the like after we eat.

The rest of the week? Well I wish it had gone as well. See, I had been fighting this sinus infection. My regular NP was on vacation and I had to see a doctor I don’t care for too much. He put me on Kflex and it TORE my tummy/ pouch to shreds. I was doubled over in pain by Tues and by Wed had called and said I am ‘stopping this medicine now’. They called me in something else called a ‘z pack’ but the bottom line is I get WAY too many sinus infections and am put on WAY too many antibiotics and I have decided I am going to see an ENT to get to the bottom of it.

So, my sinus’s are hurting, my stomach is tore up, my neck is hurting where my fibro usually gets me because of my sinus’s,  and this big snow ball has been created. I am looking at every OTC pain reliever I can find including NSAIDS which are NOT good for the pouch and I am NOT supposed to take, period.  But when you are alone and hurting and it won’t stop, you just think, “Hmmmmmmm excedrin migraine, what the _______. I will try it and in fact I will take 1/2 talblet more than it calls for. I am a ‘blg girl’  WAIT, no, I used to say that. Does that count anymore? Can I use that argument? At a BMI of 21.3 does that count, you know, the I-am-a-big-girl-so-I-can-take-an-extra-excedrin? ” “I know the ‘gastric bypass’ people say NSAIDS are evil, but they are not stuck in a doom of pain from head to toe, alone with thunder and lightning  with no husband to rub their neck or feet or just make them feel comforted. and have to get up and go to work in the morning …. and…. and….  and….”

Yes, when you are in pain this is really how your mid thinks! :-O

So by mid week mine and Pauls FRUSTRATING phone conversations over a ‘free’ internet based phone connection that many times sounded like two cans and a string were more frustrating than anything. I hoped online a few times and just talked via IM because this was much less frustrating.  At one point, I had Brody our beagle out in a thunder storm trying to get him to ‘go’. It was like someone was dumping buckets of water on me. So there I am ‘hurting’ in various places, trying to get a lazy beagle that hates water to ‘go poo poo’ and talk to my husband in Costa Rica on my cell phone via a crappy connection during a thunderstorm (which I am certain was not real safe on my end). Just shoot me now.  :-/

Yesterday (Friday) my alarm did not wake me up, my stomach did. The first thoughts that fleeted through my mind were, “This is why the gastric bypass people tell you not to take NSAIDS”. Then I sat up and rememberd I still have sinus’s that are still being treated and am still very prone to headaches. I grappled with ‘do I go to work or don’t I?’. I tried. I went in for like 4 hours or so and then threw in the towel.

This morning I am still not feeling so hot but hoping a lazy weekend at home will help me. I AM , however, going to get some TYLENOL or the generic version of it today. No more NSAIDS on this pouch unless I absolutely am pushed against a wall. For those of you reading this that have had RNY; TAKE IT FROM ME; DO NOT TAKE NSAIDS UNLESS YOUR PHYS SAYS IT IS OK!

Paul will be home tomorrow night/ very early Monday morning and I am so glad. I miss him so. He is the love of my life, my other half, my breath. When he is gone, I feel like I am holding my breath or something. He is so very good to me and treats me with such RESPECT. Something I did not ever get from my first husband…….. respect as an equal.

The only ‘good’ thing is I have lost some weight (which most of my close family and friends would not consider so good). I am way on the lower end of my zone. 27 lbs below goal and 2 lbs from my lowest ever.  I consider it good but many would not. Paul and my youngest daughter have lots of heart to hearts with me about having ‘lost too much’

Ok, so how are my GOALS going! ………..

I am keeping the RNY stuff going good. Starting nearly every morning with an Amplify. I really need to take my vitamins. I am terrible about it. I have been so sick this week tho, I feared I would not keep them down.

Spending more time with my daughters; started with my lunch and Saturday with my youngest. We will do it again soon. Also took youngest out for a meal although I am sure we will do it again before 2011  😉

We just hosted small group a few Sunday nights ago and  had a nacho bar which went over very well. Everyone had a good time! Likewise we had been invited and went over to our dinner for 8 group a few weeks ago for a cookout and had a great time.

For ‘new experiences’ I did something very spontaneous…. I was rung up for a newspaper I did not put on the counter.  Rather than have them give me the refund, I said to just give it to the next person in line as a ‘random act of kindness’. THIS REALLY FELT FANTASTIC! I have never done anything like this before! It was a small gesture, but was really neat! So I will try to do little things like that more often!

I am working each day on being a better Christian; trying to walk the walk and spread the news of the Love of Jesus.

So I am working the GOALS

As for my post Gastric Bypass life. Things are pretty much the same ole same ole. My biggest issue right now is my eyes are bigger than my pouch. I pile my plate and can’t begin to even make a dent in it. I need to go back to the old days when I took teeny tiny portions which is really all I can eat. I don’t know what in the world makes me think I can eat some of these portions I allow myself.

I find I get nausea pretty easy so I kinda have to lean hard on the anti nausea meds; but that is what they are there for. As long as I take them, I am fine. I pretty well know how to eat. Sometimes something totally random (like last night I literally ate 1 bite too much and overfilled my pouch and was so miserable; and I did not even eat that much!).  For the most part, however, I know what to do and what I can and can’t eat. I just keep working it by the Grace of God and giving thanks to our Lord Jesus everyday.

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