Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow!

Just a quick update. I had a super WOW moment on Saturday!

I was taking a pair of capri’s back to JC Penny’s that I just was not too happy with because they were a bit baggy in the hips and rear end. They were low rise (which I love low rise) but were even a bit big in the waist area too. I thought perhaps being levi brand (I had got them on a SUPER MEGA sale) I had accidentally grabbed size 12’s instead of my normal 10’s but no, they were 10’s and too big.

I tried on a pair of ‘designer’ foo foo gaucho type capris that were SIZE 8’s and they FIT!!!!!!!!!! I wasn’t sure if they looked better than the others but they FIT GREAT and were a SIZE 8!!!!!!!!!! I was so JAZZED!!!!!!

So as it would happen, I did not know and was going to keep the ones I had first bought. Well, I ran into a friend from church and asked her opinion. She liked the 8’s better! She explained to me why and I agreed. It was an even exchange so I was not out any money SO….. I own my first size 8┬ápair pants/capris/shorts! What a feeling!!!!!!!