Happy New Year 2010!!!!!!!

Here it is, another New Year. Where did the last one go? They all seem to go faster and faster? It is so hard to believe it has been 10 years since Y2k. It is scary. In any event, it has been a challenging couple of years (not so much weight wise, thank goodness, but in other ways), so I think this year is finally our turn to get a break.

As for my weight, well I couldn’t be happier. As for others, well I will explain in a moment.

I have my ‘zone’. This ‘zone’ is about 5 lbs I teeter between and as long as I stay there, I feel great and am at my sweet spot. The last time I was at my primary care Dr to get 2 steroid shots for my asthma (the 2nd round in 2 months after blowing through my last rescue inhaler in 6 weeks) I had to confess (when he wanted to up my advair) that I was not taking my controller meds for my asthma like I should because I was afraid advair might make me gain weight. Now bear in mind, I have researched advair and found no data to say it can cause weight gain. It is not on the list of side effects (for the same reason I won’t take lyrica for my fibromyalgia even though it is wonderful, but weight gain is truly one of the possible side effects). Well, never fear, the Dr and a student he had with him made me way more afraid of the steroid shots than the advair. So I promised to take my controllers faithfully for a month, see how it goes and if I continue to have the attacks like I was, then they could up my advair (like he suggested when he thought I was actually taking it like I should but wasn’t). When I went in there I was at the upper end of my zone (weight wise). The Dr. stated that I was at the LOW end of normal for my weight and that I did not need to lose anymore weight and in fact it would not hurt for me to gain a few pounds. That still sounds so crazy to me. But I have been hearing this from family, other doctors, friends and co workers for months. My Uncle David gave me a 30 minute ear-full on how I needed to gain weight. My mum-in-law in Ireland, the same and on and on. But the thing is, I feel good in ‘my zone’. It feels great; light as a feather though I absolutely recognize I do not need to lose anymore weight.

So, as I start this New Year, I not only start with zero collateral damage from the holidays, I start 1 lb below the low end of my zone weight.

What is the secret 3 years out to keeping it off?

I wish I had one good answer but I think it is just as simple as this: when I had the surgery on 2-5-07, I had been through so much to get there and had learned so much I knew what I had to do. Dr. Lucktong gave me the tool, but it was up to me to use it. It was up to me to make lifestyle changes that would insure my success in keeping a healthy weight. I fight urges nearly every day to ward off the vending machine monsters. I make decisions everyday to stay away from certain foods. Sometimes; especially that ‘certain’ time of month, I give in. But I always make sure I am in control.

The Vending Machine Monster

I enjoyed myself over the holidays. I had goodies. I did not deprive myself, but I did not go hog-wild either.

There is NOTHING in this world that tastes as good as feeling the way I do in my ‘zone’ weight.

Changes as I come upon my 3rd ‘birthday’? Well, to help a bit with $$$$$$ and just due to the fact that I think the time has come that I can part ways with them, I am giving up my morning protein shake. I am eating a yogurt each morning and a cottage cheese doubler as part of my lunch each day. I will get some extra protein with a few peanut butter crackers (a lot cheaper) during the day. The protein shake is $40 a month and I just feel I have come to the point where I don’t need it anymore.

What I love most is ‘good’ foods taste the best to me. Sure I have a few treats here and there, but give me good healthy foods for the most part.

Coming upon my 3rd ‘birthday’ and still the only ‘regret’ I have is that I did not have the surgery sooner.

May everyone have a blessed 2010.

Kelli December 2009
Kelli December 2009