I am going to do something I have never done since I started this blog, promote some products!

The first; the best smoothie (you can make, easily, yourself). That would be the yoplait smoothie mix you buy in the frozen section. You can either make 2 and add a cup of milk the whole package, or make 1/2 the package with 1/2 cup of milk (I have been using lactaid, but am going to give almond milk a try!). Anyway, I can highly recommend it! That and a cup of coffee is a great way to start the morning. Easy on the tummy yet filling!

The next thing I have incorporated into my diet to try to be a bit proactive about my Hashimoto’s disease is Kelp! Yes, Kelp! One a day is supposed to give me 100% of my iodine, so I am starting with five a day. If I see a significant difference in my goiter, energy level, weight fluctuations, etc., I will take note and adjust. I am hoping to reduce the size of my goiter and up my energy. I have also switched to sea salt which is richer in iodine.

Last, but not least, got a headache? Try a handful of magnesium. Yep!  A friend at my last place of employment told me she read magnesium was supposed to help headaches and it really seems to! The bad throbbing migraine, not so much. However, the normal everyday headache, I really think it does and when I get my normal, everyday headache, I find myself reaching for magnesium before Excedrin. Hey, it can’t hurt!

Since the move, I have been keeping my weight below 140 lbs! (9 stone & 8-9 lbs) and I really like it! I am hoping if the Kelp helps my thyroid I can hover at 139 lbs. , a really feel good weight for me! At 5 ft 8 in, that puts my BMI at 21.1 which is respectful! :-)  Mornings my first weigh in is 137 lbs that would be an even better 20.8! 🙂