Say NO! To Processed Foods!

One, two, three strikes and you are out!

I think it was no coincidence that the last several weeks in our marathon ‘Craigs List’ sales, two of our buyers were health freaks.

So I am my Dad’s daughter and make friends wherever I go. The point is, the one who bought our old sofa does not eat anything processed and talked the longest time about the foods he eats and how he and his wife, once they changed, lost weight, felt better, etc etc.

The one who bought Paul’s lawn-mower, pretty much ditto. I don’t think God is a God of accidents.

Short and sweet? We tried this skillet dinner twice; both times made me sick on my stomach. Now one would think the high fat alfreddo sauce might  be the culprit? However, I make my own alfreddo sauce and am fine with it (heavy cream and butter).  So last night we tried it one more time…. and yes, got sick on my stomach again. Three strikes and you are out.

One thing Paul has noticed for the longest time; highly processed foods do not settle well with me at all.

We treated ourselves to a small cheesecake last night which my part will take me days to eat (that’s ok, I get days and days of enjoyment!). But I am now convinced I have all but lost my sweet tooth! The one thing that used to be my biggest enemy is now all but gone from me. The moral of the story? Eating good natural foods; Mmmmmmmmm….. I crave salads with REAL dressings. They are real, no crazy ingredients you are unable to pronounce. When we go out, I generally opt for a salad and of course if I eat 1/2 I am lucky so have 2-3 meals out of it.

I made a decision today! After the cheesecake is gone (and I will likely give Paul part of mine, and it is a teeny tiny cheesecake; pre rny, I could have eaten the WHOLE thing); I am swearing off sweets with ONE exception. That exception is Breyers all natural peach ice cream. It is all natural ingredients and only 120 cals per servine and 6 grams of fat. So since lite makes me dump and Breyers (and even Coldstone strawberry) does not, and it is not super sweet, that will be my occasional treat.

I am done with cakes, etc EXCEPT for a SMALL bite at weddings and birthday party’s. I am done, done, done…. maybe a cookie here and there if it sounds good, but no more buying treats. Paul wants to lose weight and I just don’t want the stuff. Done and done with processed crap food!

Update on the supplements! I actually am SUPER mega dosing on the KELP and guess what? My goiter is shrinking! It really is…. NO joke! I am taking this super B-12 and have some more energy. Now, I am no where ready to takle a full time job, but I am not knocked on my arse 6 hours a day either! I found an AFFORDABLE KELP (IODINE) supplement ($25 for 2 mos) that has 8, 333% of your daily recommended iodine with no exspensive $100 consultation or anything. Next payday I am ordering! Right now I am taking the GNC KELP and just taking several handfuls a day.

Will keep you posted!