Six and a half years ago I was rolled down the long hallway of Roanoke Memorial Hospital on a frigid winter morning. I looked back, high to the nines on ‘happy juice’, and gave my husband two thumbs up as I said, “When I see you next, I will have a brand new tummy!” Little did I know what a long, strange and wonderful life altering trip that would be for me. The one dream in my life….. to live life as a thin person…. would come true for me. I was going to get my “Cinderella” moment. I would work my back end off and earn every bit of it! All the same, it would be mine and all the sweetness that would come with being able to say, “I was movie star thin” at a point in my life. Alas through it all I had a very scary moment indeed at my thinnest time when my intestine perforated and I was literally hours from meeting my maker. I would meet an older, stuttering Doctor at just after 4 AM who would pace back and forth saying, “This is bad, this is really, really bad.” I am glad now I did not have time (nor did Paul) have time to process how very serious the matter was. After three days in ICU, five days with a nasal gastric tube (the most miserable device I have ever encountered in my life) and a week in the hospital, that stuttering Doctor, I would come to find out, was the best at what he did and saved my bacon! I will forever be thankful. I still have this pesky 25 lbs (regain) to get off… and I will! Oh, I will! Alas, I have moved my priorities in writing in another direction. Also, with gastric bypass after being (post) for so many years, there are only so many things one can talk about. It is for this and other reasons that I have decided this will be my final post for “The Losing Side”. The blog will stay here. I am not taking it off the internet. Anyone that needs my help or has questions about weight loss surgery knows I am more than happy to help in any way I can. You are welcome to contact me! I have my other two blogs and my Facebook account. So please feel free to ask any questions you want about this subject. With that, I will post part two of Thinking Thin:


The last post I stated that it was important to always eat breakfast, eat in moderation and eat a variety of food groups. I will note after my surgery I can concur. I have a few more suggestions to add to this. By doing these things and walking four to five times a week for about 30 minutes, no one would ever have to ‘diet’ again. So here are my other suggestions both my own and from Wikihow  :

1. EAT WHOLE AND UNPROCESSED FOODS:   The best foods you can choose are fresh vegetables & fruits, whole grains, nuts, anything that is not processed or at least as little as possible. Become a label reader. I know we did years ago. Instead of Hamburger Helper, we did our own skillet dishes (just as quick, inexpensive and easy), with canned tomato sauces, whole grain pasta, turkey burger, etc. There are a lot of good inexpensive quick and healthy recipe books if you know where to look. Amazon had them and in our area, “Ollie’s” has some great cookbooks for $5 with tons of recipes. I have one for the crock pot and one regular one that is ‘inexpensive, quick and healthy’.  Have carrot sticks ready to munch on and fruit washed and ready to go. It really is the best and when you start enjoying it, processed sweets will taste awful. I cannot even eat birthday cake anymore it is so sweet. I can eat certain ones from people I know that make their own (because their frosting is much more mild)… a small sliver… but from the store with that heavy butter cream frosting, forget it, give me a sweet slice of watermelon any day! As I type this I am snacking on fresh grapes, wheat thins and a few slice of jack cheese with some zero calorie flavored water …. delicious!

2. EAT A VARIETY OF GOOD FOODS AND ENJOY WHAT YOU ARE EATING:  So you are eating whole, unprocessed, fresh and wonderful tasting foods. Spice them up and enjoy! Most people know my ‘go to’ lunch is sauteed colored peppers with red onions wrapped in a tortilla with cottage cheese and pineapple. As I am cooking my peppers and onions, I add Mrs Dash onion blend, a bit of garlic sauce, cilantro and bit of lime juice. What I end up with is vegetable fajitas. I wrap them in a tortilla with a bit of sour cream and it is wonderful! Most things can be spiced up to bring out the taste! Google the food you plan on cooking and see what spices compliment them. I made a lovely Asian Salad a few days ago with fresh lettuce, green onions, almonds, chicken breasts, mandarin oranges, chow mein noodles and a dressing you make with a little oil, vinegar and some other ingredients. The dressing for the entire salad is barely 1/2 a cup. Nonetheless, that is all that is needed and it is wonderful, refreshing and oh, so healthy! If you cook foods that are are healthy and taste good, you will start feeling good and never go back to fast food again. I cannot eat it (with a few very small exceptions). It makes me sick! I mean literally as in it physically makes me sick at my stomach.  I can eat Subway and a few …. very few…… other things. However, the list is very small!


3. GET ENOUGH REST, STAY ALERT THROUGH THE DAY AND DON’T BE A COUCH POTATO:  Everyone knows getting enough sleep is very important not just when trying to lose or maintain weight, but in good health in general. Sleep deprivation can be problematic in many health issues including trying to lose or maintain weight. Therefore, if you are having issues with insomnia that have been going on for more then just a few weeks, you may want to consult with your Doctor to see what can be done to help in that area. As a chronic pain patient, this is one issue I struggle with. Many times I am up in the night because of pain induced insomnia. Also, keeping alert and moving are paramount to successful weight management. We should all have some sort of regular exercise but if that is difficult at the moment for whatever reason, park in the ‘heart smart’ area (if possible) at the mall, take the stairs, walk at a brisk pace, take a Sunday stroll or anything that just gets you moving. Any movement, even walking around your house for 15 minutes, is better than no movement. We all enjoy the conveniences of modern living. Sadly it has also made many of us couch potatoes. I am just as guilty of this as the next person. Sometimes I literally have to force myself to get up and ‘go’.

If I could sum it up in one simple sentence it would be: Weight loss surgery is a tool, not an ‘easy fix’.


It has been my pleasure and passion to write this blog the last several years. The time has come for me to focus my energy in other directions. If I have even helped one person, it has been worth it. Again, if you want to reach me regarding questions about weight loss surgery, you can link through this blog to “Hitting The Wall” and leave me a message or through my Facebook account. I wish you health, happiness and luck on your journey. Thank you for reading. Kelli 🙂