Hi, I am Kelli Glover and nearly a year ago I began my journey towards gastric bypass in 2006. After ten months of ‘hoop jumping’ for my insurance, I finally was wheeled into surgery, looking back at my husband giving him a big smile and two thumbs up. After hundreds of failed ‘diets’ and a sick thyroid, I knew gastric bypass was my only chance.  What began with a consultation at my surgeon, Dr. T. Lucktong’s office at the end of March 2006, turned into a 10 month waiting ordeal. 6 months required waiting by my insurance, a battery of heart test after I pounded a treadmill (yep the fat girl with fibromyalgia kept it going for 4 mins at 150 beats a min! I could not do it now, that is for sure!). Sadly that same test threw up a false positive. Then off to Cardiologist for a bunch of test (praise God the ole ticker is in excellent form), then to my Endocrinologist for clearance, then to my Counselor for psychological clearanace. I was then finally ready.

My pre-op appointmant gave me a surgery date of Feb 26, 2007.   :-(  A whole month. BUT…… I was home sick from eating bad peanut butter and I got the call there had been a cancellation and…….a week and 1/2 later on Feb 5, 2007, I had my surgery!

When you read my blog you will see my story. My ups. My downs. And yes, you will see a lot of pictures; before and after. It is not easy. It is not a free ride or ‘the easy way out’. You still have a lot of work to do. However, the rewards are sweet and the benefits plentiful. Come follow me on this long, strange trip!