But Seriously…….

A lot has happened in the last few weeks to make the world stop and take notice. On the same day the world lost two big entertainers. One, a beautiful , golden locked lady with the million dollar smile that this pudgy 12 year old would have given anything to look like. Oh, how I wanted to be beautiful like Farrah and have the boys want to be her boyfriend. But who was I? I was just a mish mosh of Irish and Mediterranean with a Dutch (big) build compounded by a mom with an addiction (bear in mind I hold no animosity towards her; I love her; her problems are just as real as anyone else’s). However with her problems, it was easier to keep her 12 year old happy with big macs and baskin and robbins than to spend time with me.  Of course,  that did not help the pudginess.

Anyway…. yes, like every other pudgy little girl, I wanted to be just like Farrah.  Perfect and untouchable.

And then there  is Michael Jackson. This same little pudgy girl had a HUGE crush on the youngest and cutest of the brothers. Oh, he was such a cutie! As I got older and saw him turn into the best of the best…… that boy could DANCE! WOW! I mean, to this day nothing can beat “Thriller”,  his talent amazed me and millions of others.

Fast forward many years. Millions of dollars later, the two die hours apart years before they should.

What does it all mean? Being rich, beautiful (I refer to Farrah; when Michael started doing all that plastic surgery he came off my ‘cute’ list really fast tho I still considered him a talented entertainer), and being a super star does not mean squat in the eyes of God. We are still all human beings and we have a one way ticket into this world and a one way ticket out. As the Bible says, “We know not the time or the place”.  So we all must be ready. Farrah had warning, yes. Michael? Maybe. Depends on what they find out. But the bottom line is all the money, fame, beauty and even being THIN will not buy immortality.

I knew when I had my surgery I would likely add, GOD WILLING, some years and QUALITY to my life. But in the end that is Gods’ call. For now, I can attest, I have added QUALITY. Oh sweet Jesus I have added quality. For that I thank  God everyday. But the bottom line is, in the eyes of God we are all the same. From the poorest of the poor in a third world country to the richest of the rich who wants for nothing.

Just a few thoughts……. God Bless.