The Up’s And The Down’s

While I was on short term disability for a month nursing an immobilized, injured arm (after taking a bad fall on ice), I found myself snacking at home more than I should. I saw how easy it was, small pouch and all, to slip back into old habits. I try to thank God everyday  for the beautiful gift he gave me by allowing this surgery to change my life 3 + years ago. However, that does not make one immune to gaining weight.  I found that out all too quick when I saw a bulge starting in the middle and my jeans were just a wee bit tighter than they should be, I was in a panic! I don’t know how much I gained…. I reckon 8-10 lbs. Paul was happy as could be as he, many family members and both my NP at my surgeons office and both my regular NP and Family DR want me at 150 lbs. However, for me, 140 is my sweet spot. I did have a UTI in the midst of my arm  crisis and did weigh in at 145 (mid day after eating, etc) at the Dr’s. The result? My NP said with great glee, “You have gained a few lbs! You have gained a few lbs!” while clapping her hands as I stood there giving excuses and saying I was going to get it off. She said, “No, no no!”

Luckily, by the time things, in my opinion, were at a red alert, I returned to work and the habits that work to keep my weight at their ‘sweet spot’, 138-143 very quickly paid off! 2 days ago I was 140 lbs, yesterday 139 lbs and this morning 137 lbs which is under my range (be grudgingly as the ‘let’s see how low I can go’ in deep within me says ‘keep going Kelli’, tho I know it is wrong). Oh well, nothing like French toast at Famous A’s to get me up a lb. It is a rough job, but someone has to do it. 😉 

In any event, for those who think this surgery is ‘easy’, Um NO! You still have to do the work, watch the lbs back off when need be. It is a life long commitment. I know I have work to do on my self image, but one thing is for sure, when I went on that table on 2-5-07, I made a commitment this was for life. People who do the band (and that is their choice! All power to them), don’t want permanent. I wanted permanent. For life! That was my choice. I slipped, I worked and I am back in my sweet spot… well, I need to gain a lb. So with that, I am off to take a shower, cuz there is some french toast with my name on it at Famous A’s! 🙂