As of yesterday, 3 weeks post op, I am down 23.4 lbs. Woooo Hoooo!!!!!!!!

I am able to get into clothes that have been just a smidgen to small for years and years. Luckily they have stayed in style (jeans, skirts, etc). I will likely be returning to work in these clothes in just under 2 weeks. I cannot believe the time is going by so fast!

I am doing well with recovery. My belly is still a bit tender but I think that is mostly from ‘re-routing the plumbing’ rather than  the incisions which are nearly healed! I am getting there tho! And it is just tender, not ‘ouch hurt’.

I made a wonderful ‘noodless-meatless’ ‘lasagna’ last night. I got the recipe from obesityhelp which is a support site for WLS vets and those considering. It was so good! Paul made him some pasta and dug right in along with me!  It was a nice change from grits, mashed potato’s and egg beaters.

I am strong enough now to start taking short walks. I wish it would warm up, though.  🙁 I am sick of this cold weather. In any event, I will find a way to walk 4-5 times a week and build back up to power walking.

 All is going well and I have no regrets! Nothing tastes as good as this 23.4 (so far!) feels!