What I eat in a typical day…….

I realized in all these posts I have not put much about what I actually eat. While losing weight and buying cute little outfits is exciting, I want to help others who are on this journey so I thought I would add a post about what I eat on a typical day.

The one thing I want to stress is PROTEIN. In the early days you will hear PROTEIN, PROTEIN and PROTEIN. I cannot stress it enough. It has gotten me through the worse of my ‘hair loss’ with minimal effects. It will keep you as least tired as possible (although I am warning you, you will be tired for a few months: your body has been re-wired and you are living on 700-800 calories a day!). And it will keep your muscles strong. We are supposed to get at least 60 grams a day. SO, in order to assure that I do this I start each day with an Amplify vanilla smoothie protein shake. I get the mix at GNC. With my discount card it is $32 for a month supply. Well worth the keeping of as much of my hair and as much of my muscle as possible as well as retaining energy.

My drive into work each day is about 45-50 minutes so I get my coffee ready and my shake and drink them in tandem. Mmmmmm both are good. I am warning you, however, I have tried other shakes. Amplify is the only one I like.

After settling into work, I eat a fruit (usually a banana) and about 2-3 times a week add a boiled egg (more protein) to that. I also drink my minute maid fruit juice drinks (20 cals) and waters in between. Water/ liquids are also very important for keeping hydrated and promoting weight loss. On days I don’t have an egg, I may have a 4 pack of peanut butter crackers if I am hungry enough.

Lunch is either left over dinner, a lean cuisine, 1/2 can of healthy choice vegetable soup, homemade chile (my recipe; bariatric friendly), PBJ on 35 calorie toasted bread with baked chips or carrots and dip and I always have fruit with lunch.

During the afternoon I may snack on another fruit or something small. I did snack on rice cakes, but they became a RED LITE food with me. I just ate and ate the caramel and chocolate ones and was worried I would have an issue with them so quit buying them.

 I have gotten into a TERRIBLE habit of chewing gum. I am NOT supposed to in case I swallow it. They have to do a surgical procedure to remove it (there is not very many calories in the sugar free/  the calories are not the issue). I need to stop that.

I don’t smoke; never have and never will. I think it is disugusting, so I guess the gum keeps my choppers busy. I am usually on edge at work and it helps with anxiety.

At night we have normal dinners now. The only thing I rarely to never partake in is pasta and rice. If those are being served I skip them and substitute or go without. We just eat healthy; grilled chicken, kabobs, lean pork chops, casseroles from South Beach and other diet cookbooks. We eat lots of lean meats and vegies. And then at night, my one treat *insert angelic music*….. my bunny bar. This is a 70 calorie, sugar free, 50/50 piece of heaven. Rasberry and orange both with vanilla on a stick. No sugar and no fat. And at 70 cals I can tolerate and incorporate just fine. It is my nightly treat.

If I get hungry in between, I sometimes munch on crackers, baked chips, carrots, fruit and other things mentioned above. However, I try to drink a lot of water to keep myself ‘full’.

 OH, and YES, I do EXERCISE. I walk 3-4 times a week and do some resistance training. While I should do a bit more, bear with me, I am getting there!