Pulling Out All The Stops


First I will start by saying Rasberry Ketones SUCK! DO..NOT….WASTE….YOUR…. MONEY!!!

I saw them on the Dr. Oz  show (am I the only one that thinks that man is manic and expects you to remember a million and one things?) They are supposed to ‘excite’ fat cells and make them shrink, go away, or something like that. I have been taking 2 a day for several weeks. NOTHING. While I am , in full force, back on my iodine (and the little bit my thyroid had grown, it is now shrunk again), I still maintain iodine is the best bet over all for boosting the metabolism. But for the love of all the Saints and Angels, I cannot figure out what is going on with me in the here and now.

So, I am starting back to the basics when I had my RNY. Four mornings a week I am doing smoothies. The other three I will do my famous pepper and onion scramble with turkey breakfast sausage (does not taste a BIT different from real sausage and only has 120 calories for 3 links / 2 patties)


With that a high fiber low fat english muffin (100 cals, high protein and high fiber).


Sometimes I make a sausage sandwich out of the english muffins and turkey sausage. I also use a little REAL spreadable butter for a softer and tastier muffin.  For lunch either a pepper onion stir fry on a whole wheat tortilla, a whole wheat tortilla pizza, etc with a small bowl of cottage cheese and fruit. Lots of fresh veggies and fruit and a lite, healthy dinner. Back to basics! Portion control will be very strict. I am starting my walking…. or at least giving it my best shot. If I am in the middle of a big fibro-flare I feel like I have been beat with a baseball bat. If I am in the middle of a funk, which of course makes one want to eat more and increase the appetite, that also makes things challenging. But I am aware, very aware. This must be how it starts for people who gain some of their weight back.  A little of this, a little of that. Five pounds here, Five pounds there. Well this has reached a  S*T*O*P!Let me put this in perspective. I am getting compliments. LOTS of compliments as I had fallen down the rabbit hole way too far. I looked bad…. really bad. When I was ‘movie-star’ thin, I looked like I just walked away from a concentration camp.

Now, I have been writing this in spurts. As of today, I am down to ‘only’ needing to lose 7-10 lbs at the most. It got BAD but this morning I felt ‘lighter’ and I was! So getting back to basics must be doing good! 8-D  Plus it is payday which means we are low on food and I go grocery shopping. But I will be GOOD with the things that tempt me.

Exercise. With warm weather coming the pool is opening soon! 🙂 But alas, I sit and bake more than swim so here is what I am going to do. Twice a day4-5 times a week I am walking. The first time will be around the beautiful grounds I live on. If I go around twice it is about 1/2 a mile. Then in the evening, Paul and I can go walk a mile by the river.

Water. I do not drink enough. I never did and it is a struggle for me to drink enough water, but I am going to be aware and try to drink as much as I can. I do drink a lot of iced herbal tea (de-caff) in the summer and I know that counts for some of my water but that is still not enough.

So the battle for 10 lbs is still in play. Gahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!


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  1. Hello! I just came across your blog! Love it! I also have Hashimoto’s.

    PLEASE consider becoming a member of ThyroidChange. We are uniting the thyroid community and are trying to reach as many members as possible. Your blog listing will give us greater strength and give thousands of thyroid patients access to your blog.

    Thank you in advance.

    Michelle 🙂

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