Keep On Chugging…..Just Keep on Chugging…….

The battle of the scale has to be the most frustrating obstacle in the world. The good news is I have lost about seven pounds in the last month, the bad news, I have at least twenty more pounds to go to get where I feel comfortable again. I feel like a turtle. It is maddening. Completely beyond words. I will say, however, having a tummy slightly on the tizzy (which could not be good and I need to get scoped) and much need dental work (a toothache makes a good appetite suppressant) makes saying “No” to that temptation a whole lot easier.

I have found as a post gastric bypass patient….. now 6 years out……. when these small gains have happened it is best to get back to basics; Smoothie for breakfast, small morning snack if needed (a protein bar or fruit/ veggie with peanut butter, etc. is good), my oh-so always delicious pepper wrap with cottage cheese and pineapple for lunch and just a nice healthy dinner. If I feel like I need a ‘dessert’, something on the fruity or lite side is good. Usually a Edy’s all natural fruit bar is a perfect night time treat. However, I also found out the oh-so hard way, it is a horrible way to wake up sick nerves in teeth …… and keep them pounding the whole night through.

Either way, I am making my way…. slow, slow, slowly back to my comfort zone. I do not mean my ‘sickly’ zone where I dropped to a ghastly 123 lbs and looked like a bag of bones. Another interesting note: I did find out my thyroid came back a little on the low side. Most people that know me know I have Hashimoto’s Disease of the thyroid with a nodule, benign, that means my ‘thermostat’ runs a bit sluggish and I take Levotyroxine (Synthroid) to help mother nature ‘boost’ my body’s ability to produce my thyroid hormone. I am not a Doctor or medical professional and the views I am about to present are those of my own research and own opinions. You may take them, and should you decide to use them, you do so at your own risk…. ok… now that I have made my disclaimer all proper,  it is worth noting that I was off of my Iodine supplement for several weeks. The supplement gives me 8,333% of my daily iodine intake. Research has not only shown Japan has the lowest cancer rate in the world, they have the best overall health in the world. This is with the influx of fast food and all modern day, first world accommodations that we all take for granted. In fact Paul remembers reading an article a few years ago in which they had to replace school desks for Japanese children because with the influx of fast food, better nutrition and overall health care, the generation of today is just, well…. much bigger and bulkier than their parents and grandparents. They are not unhealthy, just ‘beefier’ because of more diverse nutrition and probably the diverse heredity of the post World War II era. Yet, they are kicking our butts when it comes to health. The studies I have read show very low incidents of thyroid disease in Japan. A coincidence?  I do not think so. Study after study concludes that most first world countries only get a fraction of the iodine they need. Thyroid disease…. especially in women (though men are not immune…. my Uncle has an under-active thyroid) is almost epidemic. Think about it. How many people do you know that take a thyroid pill? Mine is only $4 a month! I know at least a dozen people that take Synthroid….and these are just the ones that I have had conversations about this subject with and have told me they have thyroid issues. I know people in my husband’s homeland across the ocean that have thyroid problems. It is not just the USA; it is worldwide.  When I started taking my iodine, drinking my smoothies and not eating as many sweets, I dropped seven pounds. I still have much to do. I need to get off the white, soft tortillas and get back to ONE whole wheat tortilla and stuff that baby full of my peppers. Does that mean I give up the treat of two soft white tortillas, ever? Of course not! I would fail! In my opinion, as a career ‘dieter’, having the soft white tortillas two times a week in place of whole wheat would not derail my goal. In fact it would probably keep me more firmly rooted to my plan than if I tried never to have an occasional ‘treat’ or ‘less healthy alternative’.  I need to start walking. Since I use a cane about 80-90% of the time (with Paul and by myself…. have not had the heart to when I go out around others, I am just too embarrassed), even if it is slow, with my cane, I need to move. Any movement at all is better than none.



There is much improvement that can help me obtain this 20 pound goal. I need to drink less diet soda and more water. My goal is to wean off diet soda completely for at least two weeks. I have a reason  and it is not to ‘punish myself’ and  certainly not money. I got to where I was drinking 1-2 diet sodas a day and iced herbal tea/water and morning coffee the rest of the day. The cost was about $3 a week. We occasionally (special occasion or if the stars all line up and I ‘feel tolerable’ which is my ‘good’) have a glass of wine with dinner. I would say 1-2 times a month. However I have no vices. I love crafting, but my crafts also make gifts and sometimes even sell once in a blue moon. Writing is free. I have my machine and my hands. Reading likewise…. especially now that I have a library card and we use the paperback exchange. Likewise for movies. The library is like Blockbuster! Only free! I have NO vices. None. So I am not going to rake myself over the coals for drinking diet soda. Nope. The reason I want to wean off for a few weeks is to see if it has any positive impact to my fibromyalgia.

In any event, as for these 20 lbs…. probably 23 lbs after Oscar night tonight (I have several marshmallow poles with my name on them)……. I will keep chugging along, slow and sure….. because I am the engine that could…. and I will! Oh, I will!  One thing is certain.”The only instance where negative words have had a highly positive, motivational impact are Winston Churchill’s, Never, never, never, never,  give up!”  I know I WILL succeed. Failure is not an obtain. Until next time K.